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The Hemloft designed and built by Joel Allen | more Hemloft

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i want people to know i’m struggling but i don’t want people to know i’m struggling do you see my problem

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 #jen is genuinely so touched that josh thought of her #and josh is just like lol no #not u peasant #i deserve the braid

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i saw this on netflix and i was like… wait a minuteimage

isn’t that…


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"dude just wait until the banjo drops"

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"What we do in dreams we also do when we are awake: we invent and fabricate the person with whom we associate — and immediately forget we have done so."

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David Bowie’s rare cover of ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ by  Joy Division.

A chance meeting in 1983 had David Bowie, Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook chatting away over beers in the Kings Arms in Salford. “…So we were all there just having a laugh and we joked that he should come n have a jam with us, then next minute - well, it was the next day actually, but i didn’t expect he’d definitely come by - and we were in the practice rooms and we were playing Love Will Tear Us Apart and I was like, f%$k we’re playing Love Will Tear Us Apart with David Bowie singing, this is crazy. We never released it - Bowie took a recording of it, and just layered some more vocals on for fun, sent it back to me…”


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DESIGN: Submerged Turntable by Evan Holm

Artist Evan Holm is convinced that ‘there will be a time when all tracings of human culture will dissolve back into the soil under the slow crush of the unfolding universe’. 

To demonstrate these rather dark thoughts, he created a submerged record player that’s still producing a nearly perfect audio as demonstrated in the short video below.

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Think how snug it’ll be underneath our flannel, when it’s just you and me and the English Channel.

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